Did the grocery shopping today. It’s the only time I left the neighborhood this week. Usually the whole family would go but I’ve been heading out alone in o I went to Uwajimaya Renton, Trader Joe’s in Kent, and Safeway in Kent.

It’s amazing how much can change in a few weeks. All of the staff at Uwajimaya was wearing masks and gloves, there was new plexiglass in front of every register to separate the cashiers from the customers. There was a sign at the entrance asking patrons to use provided hand sanitizers on entrance and exit from the store. Another sign requested that customers shop promptly. It was honestly very comforting to see that they had taken these measures.

Trader Joe’s had more in place than the previous week. They had an employee out the front sanitizing carts and keeping too many customers from entering the store. It was a a bit disorganized. There were too many people going back and forth for the single employee to martial. Inside, there was hand sanitizer at the entrance and a recommendation that people keep their distance. The floor in front of the checkouts had tape on the floor to show distance. There was not plexiglass, no employees had masks, and I only spotted one employee wearing gloves.

Safeway had a single employee cleaning carts.

I hope that Trader Joe’s and Safeway start to do the same type of thing that Uwajimaya is doing soon. I realizes we aren’t really ready for a sudden change.We don’t have enough masks for all of us in the States to start wearing them and that medical workers are a priority but it would be nice to see the clerks out on the front lines with more protection.